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 Love stories by teens !!

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تاريخ التسجيل : 06/06/2008

مُساهمةموضوع: Love stories by teens !!   الأربعاء يناير 14, 2009 10:22 pm

Year, I was 17 and my girlfriend and I had been going out for about 2
years. I loved her with all my heart but I'd never told her that. One
day, out of the blue, I bought her a dozen red roses. I went to
Wal-Mart and bought a Fake rose that looked identical to the real ones.
I then took out one of the real roses and replaced it with the fake
one. I then gave her the flowers with a card attached explaining "I
Will Love You Until the Last Rose Dies"

friend recently arranged a surprise for our 1st date. The big night was
the night before he had to move away. As he drove to our destination he
began telling me how he chose it. He recalled me mentioning my love of
reading. He said that he could tell by the sound of my voice and the
way my eyes lit up when I spoke, that I really took great pleasure in
it. He relayed his desire to pick a place for the evening that would
allow us an opportunity to talk and spend quality time together as well
as a place that would remind me of him while he was away. We pulled
into the parking lot of a local coffee shop book store where he
proceeds to buy me two wonderful hardback books to occupy my time while
he is away. We chatted the night away over coffee and then he sent me
off in search of my gifts… Needless to say, the night did not backfire!
I thought it was a truly memorable, original, romantic, and caring
gesture straight from his heart! I’ll never forget it or him…

by Jeanna |

boyfriend lived 3 hours away from my college. I was so upset we
wouldn't be together on Valentine's Day. On Feb. 14, he called me and
said to look out the window...I looked out to see him holding a dozen
roses and a big smile! I ran down to let him in. It was the best
Valentine's Day I have ever had.

girlfried took me to the airport one day to see my best friend in
Washington. When she dropped me off, she started to cry for the thought
of a plane crashing. She gave me her Italian Horn to hold onto for good
luck until I came back home. This was such a special moment in my life.
That girl is gone now, but I will never forget those times, as simple
as they may have been. (Greg)

my boyfriend's and my 1 yr anniversary, I made sure everyone was out of
his house. I decorated the kitchen with gold and silver balloons,
confetti hearts leading from where you walk in into the kitchen, where
I had a gorgeous candle lit dinner waiting with a white table cloth and
sprinkle hearts on the table. I had two long white candles on the table
and made him a huge dinner with steak, potatoes, corn, rolls, and
sparkling juice in wine glasses. I dressed up and gave him a time to
meet me at his house. He arrived and was shocked. It was great cuz we
had our song playin the whole time and afterward he asked me to dance
and I gave him a scrapbook I had made. then I had arranged for his
neighbor to come over and take pictures of our night. It was
wonderfull...definately the best night of my life, one I will never
forget. (Dani)

20-cold snowy day and the anniv. of when he first told me he loved me.
He surprised me from start to finish. When we sat down there was a
dozen red roses on the table and in the bunch there was a white rose to
signify that he will love me forever. I read the card and it said "Just
because I love you!" Then, he got up and when he got back he looked
puzzled, so I asked him why. He said well I have a string hanging from
my brand new sweater and so I helped him to get the string off. I kept
pulling it thinking that geese there must be some huge hole in the back
of his sweater by now.Just at that moment, a beautiful ring connected
to a fortune cookie paper(which he had saved from one of our first
dates) that said "new and exciting things will happen in your future."
He got down on one knee in the restaurant and said "America, you know
that I love you, will you marry me?" I said, "I would love to!"

by America Mewhort (please don't use my last name, thank you) |

boyfriend and I were together for three years when I decided we should
go to the next level. I knew we couldn't afford the ring I wanted right
now and I wasn't going to settle for anything less. I decided to
propose to him. First I asked all of his guy friends if it would be a
good idea. They all thought it was awesome. I planned it out for his
birthday. I bought the ring and had a special message engraved inside
of it. On his birthay I rented a motel room, without him knowing. I
blew up a bunch of balloons and put little pieces of paper in them that
said..pick a lingerie...I love you.etc. the last one had the room key
in it and said to meet me a room 236. He met me and I gave him all of
his other presents and the last was the ring. He of course said yes and
the rest is history. (Fally)

night before Christmas, my crush and I went driving thru downtown.. the
car suddenly stalled and I asked her if she could get the car manual
out of the trunk while I called for help... as she walked around I
turned up "the gift" by 98 degrees and when she opend the trunk there
were 23 roses on the 23 of December. I asked her out. She said 'yes'!

did this for my boyfriend. He lives an hour and half away and was
coming to visit for the week after work. Well we have no privacy at my
house so early that day I went to a campground and set up a tent and
had eveything nice and cozy. Later that night I started a fire and went
to pick him up at my house, I blind folded him and told him I had a
suprise. He had no clue, when we got there I took it off and said the
surprise was a night alone with me. It was great, we spent the whole
night cuddled by the fire and fell alseep in each others arms. It was
fabulous. (Stephanie)

one night I went to my boyfriend's place of work and vandilized his car
with hearts of soap on his windows and all sorts of paper decorations.
I put a note on the driver's door informing him that there were love
bandits doing things like this to other people and that he should go
straight home as some of these bandits didn't stop at just a person's
car, but may have also vandalized his home. I told him to meet me at
his house and that I would be there to ensure his safety and signed it
Lover officer #9.
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Love stories by teens !!
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