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 50 ways 2 say i love u

اذهب الى الأسفل 
كاتب الموضوعرسالة

مُساهمةموضوع: 50 ways 2 say i love u   الإثنين أبريل 06, 2009 7:53 pm footsy under the table when out at dinner with friends.♥.

2.keep a picture in your wallet always.♥

3.send cards for no reason except to say i love you.♥

4.leave a message on the answering machine.♥

5.dedicate a song to them on the radio.♥

6.plant a tree together.♥

7.make up a secret love code and use it in conversation with a crowd of friends.♥

8.write a series of love letters and send them anonymously.♥

9.send an e-kiss over the internet.♥

10.come home early as a surprise.♥ an advert in the "found" column of a newspaper.♥

12.write a love message and leave it under the pillow.♥

13.write a personal love poem.♥

14.write it in the condensation on the bathroom mirror.♥

15.hire a sport car for the day and take them to nice place for lunch.♥

16.drink champagne in the bath.♥ spontaneous- shout out "i love you" in the supermarket.♥

18.say it every day.♥

19.take a walk along the beach on a cold day and write it in the sand.♥

20.serenade them with your song.♥ off their credit card.♥

22.write it "backwards" in the dirt on their car's back window.♥

23.cook a special meal - if you can't pay some one else.♥

every card,letter or photograph they give you in a special place. open
it up on your anniversary and reminisce together.♥

25.sponsor a pair of love birds at the zoo.♥

26.hold hands in puplic.♥

27.crave it in a tree.♥

28.write it in food.♥

29.give her your jacket when it's cold.♥

a red rose for every day,week or year you've been together ( depending
on the length of your relationship and the size of your wallet! ) .♥ a packet of love hearts and sneak them into a coat pocket.♥

32.make a special anniversary card.♥

33.get a tattoo and keep it a secret between you.♥

34.give them some money as a surprise and tell them to buy something just for themselves.♥

35.walk up and down outside their office with an " i love you " sign.♥

36.let them lie in and bring breakfast in bed.♥

37.organise a meal at a romantic restayrant in advance. so when you arrive, the table is covered in flowers and gifts.♥

38.cut out the letters " i love you " and post them every day for eight days.♥

39.secretly learn how to massage and surprise them with your new skills.♥ a box of chocolates and put one on the pillow every night.♥

41.send them your last Rolo.♥

a tape of yourself reading a love poem and secretly put it in the car
stereo so it automatically plays when they next switch on.♥

43.fill their handbag or briefcase with cut out hearts.♥

44.keep her lipstick marked coffee cup.♥

45.go to see a romantic film at the cinema and sit on the back row.♥

46.always kiss goodnight.♥

47.when they go away, hide a note or present in their suitcase to find later.♥

48.invent a cocktail and name it after them.♥

49.write it in the early morning dew outside their window.♥

50.take a picnic and go back to the place you first met.♥ a joint bank account.♥

52.learn to say I LOVE YOU in 10 different languages:
French - Je t'aime,
German - Iche liebe dich,
Greek - S'ayapo,
Hawaiian - Aloha wav'ia oe,
Italian - Ti amo,
KLingon - Qabang,
Latin - Te amo,
Russian - Ya vas liubliu,
Spanish - Te quiero,
Zulu - Mena tanda wena.
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50 ways 2 say i love u
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